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Wife Lessons: Week 20

Wife Lessons #1 Repeated Lessons Delay Blessings


In my book “Real Relationship Goals”  I share wife lessons that I’ve learned or still overcoming. My first lesson that I want to share, are the lessons I had to repeat because I chose not to pass the test the first time. God uses relationships with people to grow our character and bring us into spiritual maturity. We are like sand paper to one another, used to smooth the rough edges of our character and develop our traits of Gods love.

In case you didn’t know it yet, I fell down several times as it relates to marriage but the third time I got up and decided to live through it, grow from it and move on. I kept repeating the same lesson of doing the right thing with wrong people. All of my exes weren’t bad people but it was certainly toxic & poison for me. I hadn’t fully evolved into Purpose so I was majorly confused about separating Ministry from my personal life. I didn’t know that the anointing on my life would attract broken people that needed my anointing.

It took me three times to recognize that I married my assignment, not my Destiny Mate.  I’m not saying that I was fully ready for marriage either. I certainly needed to learn to be a Kingdom Wife & do marriage Gods way. My relationship goals was all about companionship & not Destiny Trips. I learned later, that a wife is sent to a husband so they can help each other walk out destiny & get to their destination in life. The happiness and companionship is included in the package.

Don’t delay your blessings by seeking companionship without knowing who you are and where you’re going. Your King will find you when you get on the right path and do the right things that’s leading you to your Destiny. A lesson learned is a blessing earned. The wrong man will lead you to destruction, the right man will lead you toward Destiny. Take your time ensuring that you’re ready to choose right & marry right. Don’t ignore the lessons that life is teaching you through your past relationships. Your mistakes scream loud so slow down and correct what you didn’t learn the first, second, third, ***** time.

Divorce will have you putting up guards and safety nets for you to protect you from repeating the same story with a different guy. If you’re not careful, you’ll repeat that same lesson because it was more about you getting it then it was about the person that broke you down. God gave us a gift called intuition that will lead us into all truth that’s suppose to set us free and keep us free. The problem is we totally ignore what God is warning us about because we desire love to be a feeling over real love being in motion. The relationship ends up being built off of the lies that you believed versus the truth that’s suppose to set you free. You will repeat this vicious cycle if you don’t own your truth and change you so the woman in the mirror can reflect the King that meets your hearts desires.

What lessons do you keep repeating




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