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The Merge Of 2 Kingdoms: Week 11

And 2 Become 1 Flesh

Mark 10:8 and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

In order for two people to become 1, someone has to agree to yield to Gods Kingdom. Sub-Mission is not about losing yourself, it’s about winning the war of having to be right. It’s all about giving up pride, selfishness, and doing life your way so that God can be glorified in your marriage. You may feel like you’re giving up your wants & desires but I’ve learned that God will give you so much more in return for being the peacemaker in your marriage.

Merging two lives together to become one is a lifetime never ending journey of dying to Self for the sake of oneness. Let go of having to be right or demanding your way in order to keep the peace and God will reward you. A wife’s role is to please her husband and sometimes you may feel like you have the short hand of the stick but start looking at yourself as a selfless servant that pleases God.

As a single wife, you’re required to become one with the Holy Spirit so you can resist the enemy, be comforted, be made whole, be equipped as a wife, to activate the gift of discernment, and be taught what real love is. Stay submitted to God so he can teach you how to love him, yourself & others. Prepare for the merge and get ready for the shift. Always remember that you will inherit his struggles & relationship baggage as well as yours, so throw off every weight before you weigh down your marriage with baggage that you could have got rid of.

Wife Assessment

Do you have fears about losing yourself in a marriage?

Do you struggle with making peace in relationships in order to be the peacemaker?

Do you run  away from relationships, when conflict rises?




  • Mona

    March 22, 2019 at 3:18 am

    No fears of losing myself… I’m eager to he joined to the man that God has for me. I usually take the peacemaker role, outwardly BUT inside I have a whole lot of extra stuff ro say and it ends up festering, Ouch. This is something that I need ro pray about.

    No, I’m not a runner anymore… I used to be but God delivered me from that sometime ago. I learned how to endure somethings that maybe I shouldn’t have endured. But the Right man, My God Ordained King will be worth it, and He will handle me differently. Period.

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