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Preparing The Esther's Of This Generation For The Ministry Of Marriage

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"I was blessed to learn of Coach Misty back in 2012. I would listen to her podcast and her words of encouragement, teachings and ministry truly blessed me and helped me over the years. People truly grow and become better after she impacts their lives. I'm a testament of this to be true. Thankful for her"

Candice Jackson

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"Coach Misty is genuine and she meets you where you are at in life. She is non judgemental and helps you see things clearly. I have known her for 4 years and I cannot think of one person that was transparent, honest and supportive".

Sadie Evans

“Coach Misty is beautiful inside and out, a true blessing.“

Tiara Figueroa

"This weekend was nothing less than amazing. Today I accepted my crown and all that comes with it. The whole experience was life changing. The presence of the Lord filled the room immediately when we gathered each day. The presence of God was so heavy that you could literally see and feel the chains being broken off of each and everyone of our lives. I thank God for Coach Misty having the vision to pull this together, it's an experience that every Queen in the Kingdom should experience.""

Ebonee Bursey

"My experience in Atlanta was amzing, I got to link up with some amazing women of God and I pray that we have a lifetime friendship."."

Monique Harris

"Through Coach Misty's faithfulness, God has taught me that there is no need to fear marriage because it will not take me away from my purpose, it will add to it. I am wiser now, I know who is for me and who is not. Although my King has not arrived yet, I'm optomistic regarding who he will be."."

Qualandria Brookens

"Your messages are always on time. Thanks for the clarity that things are of the flesh. My desire everyday is to be obedient to God and sometimes I get in my own way. God is doing a good work in me and in order for him o finish it, I know that I'm required to walk in the spirit and rebuke the flesh.""

Stacy-Ann Chambers

"I've been gaining some clarity about a few things while on this journey to wholeness and deliverance. I'm learning to guard my heart while also being vulnerable to giving and receiving love.."

Stacey Blakey