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Find Your Wisdom In Your Wounds: Week 21

I have to be honest with you, if you’re not pursuing wisdom then you’re pursuing pain, failure, stagnation & confusion. Wisdom is one of the Ingredients To Winning At Life. Whatever area you’re losing in life requires you to pursue Wisdom Through Gods Word, Wise People, Books, Workshops, Classes. Women have a hard time admitting that they just need HELP. They would rather spend time in their prayer closet talking to God, which is great but at some point you have to get off of your knees and put some...

Wife Lessons: Week 20

Wife Lessons #1 Repeated Lessons Delay Blessings   In my book “Real Relationship Goals”  I share wife lessons that I’ve learned or still overcoming. My first lesson that I want to share, are the lessons I had to repeat because I chose not to pass the test the first time. God uses relationships with people to grow our character and bring us into spiritual maturity. We are like sand paper to one another, used to smooth the rough edges of our character and develop our traits of Gods love. In case...